Firm Model

ACG Certified Public Accountants

ACG was founded to provide the services of senior-level tax partners at affordable rates to early stage to mature companies in the high technology and global transportation industries. The firm specializes in domestic and international tax consulting and compliance services. ACG has grown rapidly as clients have elected to supplement their existing accounting firms with the highly focused, efficient and cost-effective services provided by ACG.

ACG has emerged to fill a need created by a major shift over the last 12 years in the structure of the tax departments of the major accounting firms. Historically, a single senior partner was responsible for all facets of a client’s tax planning and compliance needs. Today, the senior partner and manager are focused mainly on tax compliance and selling tax products. When specific tax issues arise, they assemble ad hoc teams of specialists to address them. Although this delivers highly specialized advice to clients, this approach is often time consuming and costly.

By contrast, ACG assigns a core team of professionals to provide long-term continuity and proactive advice. Because our practice is tightly focused, you will receive closer attention and faster responses to your inquiries. Our ongoing relationships with our clients enable us to execute research and consultation projects more efficiently, billing on an as-needed, hourly basis – rather than on a product basis.

Our success as a firm can be summarized as follows:

  • At ACG we work closely and efficiently with our client’s existing accounting firm and legal counsel. ACG is widely networked with leading international accounting firms around the world.
  • Our tax professionals have skill sets equal to those at the Big 4 and provide broad-based practical and operationally oriented tax advice at fees lower than those charged by the Big 4.
  • Our tax advisors are proactive, rather than reactive, in identifying the needs of a company.
  • Access to tax advice on an as-needed hourly basis rather than on a product basis.

Sarbanes Oxley

In the current Sarbanes Oxley environment, many companies are considering the separation of audit and tax services. For public companies, what was previously only a consideration is migrating to a mandate. We believe that ACG can assist in bridging this need.

In order to separate audit and tax services, a company may select another Big 4 firm, creating potentially cascading budgeting issues, or a non-Big 4 firm. In the selection of a non-Big 4 firm, companies need a tax practice that can accommodate not only the basic needs from tax provision preparation to tax return compliance, but a firm that can identify tax issues on a technical basis and coordinate with the company to determine its best practical and operational alternatives. Moreover, companies also need a firm with the expertise and background to effectively coordinate with the company’s auditors on the appropriate treatment of such issues from a GAAP perspective.

With former Big 4 professionals, we believe that ACG has the expertise and practical understanding of the business environment to assist you in this post-Sarbanes Oxley environment.